D365 F&O Connector for Time Tracking, Expense management (Part II)

D365 F&O Connector for Time Tracking, Expense management (Part II)
May 19, 2020 No Comments Dynamics 365,Functional,Integration,Logic apps,Microsoft Azure,Technical,Uncategorized Yuriy Raskazov

This is our second video talking about purpose built Connector for Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations to help business connect with external Time Tracking, Expense management web apps. This connector can also be extended to other similar systems as well as used for any related bespoke integrations.

In this presentation today I will demonstrate one of the scenarios how time tracking system can be connected to D365 F&O in order to record customer bills within D365 FO ledgers, but with no much configuration and implementation effort required in D365 F&O. This scenario allows record and manage time and expense externally from Dynamics, and only periodically generate and integrate bills in a form of free text invoices with appropriate application of financial dimensions as well as ledger posting rules in dynamics.

We are building this solution on Microsoft Azure platform to demonstrate how to create an integration service so anyone can use it on subscription model by simply connecting to the APIs and installing few simple custom built extensions within D365 F&O.

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